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The Bleak Divine is a Souls-Like action adventure aiming to teach perseverance – Keep counter-attacking, or die.

Struggle against difficult-but-fair enemies and bosses with smooth and snappy Souls-Like combat.

Dive deep within the Dream-Within-A-Dream, uncovering the many layers and secrets of It’s twisted psychological landscape, and overcome despair itself:

A sliver of nothing, an empty space,

Refusing to be filled, slowly expanding

Slithering amongst the shadows of gods it has outlasted,

Watching over countless souls,

Now forgotten to themselves

Now it comes to claim another

The Bleak Divine


  • Difficult but fair, smooth and satisfying Souls-Like combat – Dodge, parry your way to openings for counter-attacks.
  • Make your Final Stand against dozens of challenging bosses. Keep attacking, or bleed out.
  • Dive deep into the dream-within-a-dream and uncover its many layers and secrets.
  • Unlock new abilities, and with them new corners of the dream.
  • Collect dozens of talismans with powerful positive and negative effects.
  • Learn to overcome the voice of despair.


The Bleak Divine Demo.7z 75 MB

Install instructions

Unzip and run.


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was the bonetopix asset used for this?

The sprites in the demo here were hand-drawn.

The demo is relatively short, but doing all the animation work took me a long time.

So I created BoneToPix to help me finish this game. Pretty much all of the sprites in the game so far are quite simple, so they will be easy to replace and even improve using the tool.

A future version of the game will be using BoneToPix generated animations.